Are you f***ing serious???

Cupcakes gone bad
May 19, 2009, 23:29
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honey baked ham cupcakes 7There are only a few type of people who would even dream up such extreme food blasphemy such as the honey baked ham cupcake: pregnant women, stoners and perhaps faminine victims. We don’t even think we want to imagine what this might taste like.  It’s just so very, very wrong!!


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The first batch might have been wrong, but this is a great outside-the-box concept that a big time, cutting edge chef would have dreamed up. It just needs a tweak or two to be brilliant. Might I suggest that you use a jalapeno cornbread for the cake and a savory cream cheese frosting with just a hint of honey dijon mustard? I would serve this cupcake as a first or second course, garnished with a fresh jalapeno slice on top—along with a beer or a shot of Bourbon. I would try lightly grilling the pineapple slice. In Phase 2, as you further develop the recipe, you could try brushing the pineapple slice it with bourbon, or put a hint of it in the frosting. When you’re happy with the recipe, I’d be privileged to publish it in

Comment by Karen Hochman

Um, well, the woman who created & posted that recipe IS pregnant! And, she’s brilliant, by the way.

Comment by Ms. Schmickle

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