Are you f***ing serious???

In the beginning, Elvis created the heavens and the pelvic thrust
May 20, 2009, 18:45
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sacred_heart_of_elvis.smallAnother American Idol finale tribute post and this one is for Adam. His image is as recognizable as Jesus so why the hell not? Welcome to The First Church of of Jesus Christ, Elvis.


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This is sick….morphing Elvis with a pic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus…..don’t play with God,you’ll suffer.

Comment by dominic

To Dominic:

So which one is going to get me in more trouble.fucking with Elvis or fucking with Jesus?
And BTW: you’re going to hell for looking at this website.

Comment by Byron

I’d fuck Elvis!! HELL, I’d probably fuck Jesus too! Perhaps at the same time…

Comment by Shauna Valdonovan

Beautiful! I’m in love!

Comment by Shauna Valdonovan

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