Are you f***ing serious???

How is this man still single?
June 29, 2009, 16:04
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markHey, all you single ladies out there, we have found yet another perfect man for you to date.  So without further ado, meet Mark and his treaty of demands qualifications that he is looking for in his next  goddess, complete with a table of contents!

*A shout out to Pam for sending us this Adonis’ profile!


The Ultimate Tribute to Michael Jackson
June 27, 2009, 12:04
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While the world is still in shock and coming to grips with the loss of The Gloved One, we thought we would pay tribute to him via the most brilliant dance video we have ever seen. Prisoners in the Philippines are taught to dance as part of their sentence and it really is amazing to see all of the men and lady men get their Thriller on and frankly, who can’t resist prison nuns and all of the lady men! The man is appearing to be a lot more popular and global than God which in our books is a very good thing. Peace out, Miguelito!

Rest in Peace, Wacko Jacko
June 25, 2009, 15:38
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michael_jacksonLike the rest of the world, we are stunned and speechless at the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. No matter what you might or might not have done with those kids, you were a true musical and dance genius who tried his best to make the world a better place.

Good Luck in Rehab Greeting Cards? No, no, no

Amy WinehouseJust when you thought that greeting card companies had finally covered every occasion, think again. It appears that now if your loved one is heading to rehab, there will be the appropriate card and matching wrapping paper to give them to wish them luck, courtesy of everyone’s favorite smack head, Amy Winehouse. We just say, “No, No, NO!” Where’s Dr. Drew when you need him?

Breast Implants for your Tattoo

silicone3It’s tacky enough that many people don bodacious pinups on their biceps but now you can add some real cleavage to your mermaid trollop. Check out this guy who gave his outlaw bimbo tattoo some silicone breast implants. We bet his mom is ever so pleased about this.

What’s your worth in goats
June 21, 2009, 15:22
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goatLadies, answer the age old question: How many goats would your family give to another so you can find almighty love and happiness? With a few clicks and questions, all will be revealed. Apparently, we are a hot commodity and worth about seven.

Gives New Meaning to a Shit Present

enema jewelryLooking for the perfect present for your proctologist? Want to proudly display that you are a qualified colonic therapist? Then head on over here to pickup for yourself or a loved one  an enema bag trinket in your choice of sterling silver, bronze or copper because nothing says loving like a miniature metal enema kit complete with a bronzed booty.