Are you f***ing serious???

Call the SPCA and PETA ASAP!!!

Snuggie for DogsWe, personally, blame Paris Hilton for this one. What with her dressed up chihuahua, Tinkerbell, in all of those fancy tiaras and tutus. But seriously, what is the f**king difference between a normal dog coat and the Snuggie for Dogs, apart from other dogs will be laughing their asses off at these poor suckers because let’s face it the Snuggie is merely a cape with blankets!!!! This just reassures our thought that cats are the more dignified pet choice, just as long as it isn’t Hello Kitty.


WTF!!! What kind of stuffed animal is this?

kistengopherNot even Richard Ramirez or John Wayne Gacy could come up with a stuffed animal like this one. We are assuming it’s a tribute to Fritz the Cat but seriously, what kind of sick f*** comes up with a cuddly self-fellating cat! And then has the balls to charge $50 for it! Seriously, you need to check out the link to see it in all its horror. We actually hate to admit it but this makes Hello Kitty look appealing.

Turn Your Cat Into a Handbag

lioncutAre you the owner of a Persian cat or long haired dog? Sick of picking up all that shedded fur. Well, now that summer is upon us why not give Snowflake a makeover with the popular lion cut. Not only will it give you months of giggle fits while the fur grows back but with all of that newly shaved fur, you can have it made into a handbag of your very own. We’re sure PETA will find something about this to bitch about.

What’s your worth in goats
June 21, 2009, 15:22
Filed under: Animals, Lifestyles

goatLadies, answer the age old question: How many goats would your family give to another so you can find almighty love and happiness? With a few clicks and questions, all will be revealed. Apparently, we are a hot commodity and worth about seven.

Squirrel Vigilantes?!?!

squirrelJust when we start to think that we have seen everything over here at Are You F***ing Serious, a new site leaves us speechless. This time, the award would have to go to Squirrel Jumper. We have no idea what their purpose is but, nonetheless, we spent quite some time reading through their pages to figure it out and are still scratching our collective noggins. We really need to get out more often, these people are just plain nutty.

Dog Grooming Gone CRAZY!

ninja poodleWhere is PETA when you need them? This has to be considered some kind of abuse. Sure we know it’s just fur and it will grow out but think of the utter humiliation of bearing the title of Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle!

Sex Toys on a Budget

Dog Sex ToyIn these hard financial times, why should your sex life have to suffer? So get your kinky self down to the 99 Cents Store and use a little imagination and we bet you can equip your boudoir with a few of these handy dandy items to spice things up while you wait to win the lottery. And if you want to splurge and get Fido something too, check out the Hot Doll for Dogs as pictured here. Further proof that cats will always be the more dignified pet to own!