Are you f***ing serious???

Bliss over a Bic Ballpoint Pen

penWho knew that a pen could cause this much excitement? Apparently, this Brit was over the moon with his recent purchase of the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen in Blue. And not only does he give it a glowing review and document his first four days of ownership but he also lets us in on some helpful hints like only use to write on paper and the proper angle to store it. We really wished we could be so easily pleased.


The Secret’s Deadly Bookmark
July 9, 2009, 09:14
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the-true-secret-1We’re sure you have heard of that Oprah touted life changing tome called The Secret and how it will change your life after reading it. Thanks to those handy dandy reviews at Amazon, we have seen what could be the secret behind The Secret. Just check out the first review by Ari Brouillette. We’re wondering if the shank was some kind of limited edition bookmarker.

The #1 Item Every Man Needs to get a woman

three wolf moon brotherhoodNo, it’s not a Ferrari or a wallet full of cash. It’s not even good looks or a hot bod as one can quickly see by the size selection of this amazing shirt. So what exactly is this miracle clothing item, you might ask? It’s none other than the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. Just check out the comments if you have any doubts.

*Thanks Shaina for the link!