Are you f***ing serious???

Campfire fun – Cheese Racing
July 10, 2009, 08:44
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Snuggie_CampfireBored just sitting around the campfire making Smores in your ever so fashionable Snuggie? Looking for something to do apart from listening out for bears? Twiddle your thumbs no longer, for we have found the ultimate in campside fun – cheese racing. All you need are some of those plasticine Krafft “cheese” slices and a grill and you and your friends will be kept entertained for hours.


Book’Em Dano!
June 4, 2009, 12:20
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police-brutalityEver wanted to be a police man? Well, now you can try your hand at it without having to sign up for any academies or do a lick of boot camp. Let us present to you the ever addictive Pick a Perp!