Are you f***ing serious???

Cheers Hello Kitty Style

hello-kitty-beerresizedJust when you thought that evil pink ball of fluff known as Hello Kitty couldn’t invade our world or culture any further, now HK alcohies have their very own bar complete with Hello Kitty beer, wine and sake. We hate to think what the hangover the next day would be like and do we even bear to mention getting a drunken HK tattoo!!!


Don’t kick a dog when it’s down

hello-kitty-hat dogIf it’s not bad enough that Fido has a bum hip, it’s just plain cruel and unusual torture to put him in a Hello Kitty canine hip brace!!!! If we see anyone in our neighborhood walking their poor little pooches in one of these, we will beat them with a rather large stick and call the SPCA.

*We are avid fans of Hello Kitty Hell so don’t be too shocked if we feature them quite a bit here. We really feel for the poor guy who is subjected to a Hello Kitty loving freak of a wife.

**We would also like to make it very clear that ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS is NO way endorses or encourages the purchase of any HK items.