Are you f***ing serious???

Overeating can now also double as exercise

We know it’s been awhile since we last brought you some of the most mundane and inane sites found on the internet, but we are back in action now. So let the nonsense commence.

Knife and Fork LiftNow there is no excuse why any of you little piggies out there who like to gorge yourselves on crap food can’t exercise while you eat. Thanks to the geniuses over at Knife and Fork Lift have added 1.5 pound dumbbells to their cutlery to maximize the burn while you eat. We can just hear your trainer shouting at you, “Eat faster, feel the burn!” We guess this won’t help you fast food addicts where the food requires no need for cutlery just a big mouth.


Bliss over a Bic Ballpoint Pen

penWho knew that a pen could cause this much excitement? Apparently, this Brit was over the moon with his recent purchase of the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen in Blue. And not only does he give it a glowing review and document his first four days of ownership but he also lets us in on some helpful hints like only use to write on paper and the proper angle to store it. We really wished we could be so easily pleased.

Sex Aid or Double Chin Eraser – You Decide

neckline slimmerWe don’t know about you but we LOVE those insanely inane products that pop up late at night on the old boob tube. The latest one to make us sit up and take notice is the Neckline Slimmer. Seriously, what moron came up with this neck pump that comes with an instructional DVD because apparently assisted nodding is not self-explanatory? Actually, a pretty smart moron who will be rolling in idiots’ money, that’s who! We’re just waiting for the plethora of Larry H. Parker whiplash lawsuits to start hitting the courts but then again, who would actually go on public record admitting to buying one of these or better yet you could always use this as a sex aid when giving blowjobs.

Air Sex – not just the mile high club any more

air sexThe makers of Rock Band will be spinning their wheels to get out a version of the latest version of air guitar so it can hit the shelves by Christmas. We don’t think we want to play this new game with mom and dad. Welcome to the crazy world of the Air Sex Championships!

Squirrel Vigilantes?!?!

squirrelJust when we start to think that we have seen everything over here at Are You F***ing Serious, a new site leaves us speechless. This time, the award would have to go to Squirrel Jumper. We have no idea what their purpose is but, nonetheless, we spent quite some time reading through their pages to figure it out and are still scratching our collective noggins. We really need to get out more often, these people are just plain nutty.

Remedial Ass Wiping

asswipeFinally, an ass wipe for all you ass wipes out there. We are guessing that a certain section of the population (i.e. really fat asses) were having problems wiping their bums on the toilet, thus, The Comfort Wipe was born! It’s touted to be the greatest improvement made in the toilet paper industry since the 1880’s! Why do we have a feeling that the inventor of this arm extender has a bit of OCD issue!

Tokyo TV goes to the Mannequins?!?
June 12, 2009, 11:07
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ohmikeyWe bet production costs are low on this absolutely crazy Japanese TV show that follows the antics of an American family of store mannequins! Serious, WTF are they putting in the water over there? We have money on Mikey being a total diva.