Are you f***ing serious???

Fast Food Addicts Become Foodie Geniuses

fast_food_killsDo you ever find yourself ashamed that people know you are a McDonald’s junkie? Do you immediately hide those pesky Taco Bell wrappers so no one knows your dirty secret? Well, help is in store. Check out Fancy Fast Food, where culinary geniuses transform things like KFC bucket meals into a foodie’s extravaganza all without adding any other ingredients. Absolutely amazing!

*another shout out to John for pointing this brilliant site out to us. Now go check him out at StoryTactics.


The Ultimate Tribute to Michael Jackson
June 27, 2009, 12:04
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While the world is still in shock and coming to grips with the loss of The Gloved One, we thought we would pay tribute to him via the most brilliant dance video we have ever seen. Prisoners in the Philippines are taught to dance as part of their sentence and it really is amazing to see all of the men and lady men get their Thriller on and frankly, who can’t resist prison nuns and all of the lady men! The man is appearing to be a lot more popular and global than God which in our books is a very good thing. Peace out, Miguelito!

Drunk Shoe Shopping

rollasoleThere aren’t many times that we are found speechless at a novelty item but this has to be classed up there with the iPod as one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Rollasole! What is Rollasole you might ask? Well, they are rolled up cute flats that are sold in vending machines at clubs in the UK thus preventing drunken heel accidents. Women around the world rejoice!

A View into the Afterlife

iphone coffinAre you worried that your loved ones will forget what you look like once you die? Well, See Me Rot has taken care of that for you with a live coffin cam. Where do we sign up?

Book’Em Dano!
June 4, 2009, 12:20
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police-brutalityEver wanted to be a police man? Well, now you can try your hand at it without having to sign up for any academies or do a lick of boot camp. Let us present to you the ever addictive Pick a Perp!

That’s not just a pencil, that’s grandpa!

pencilSome people get buried. Some get cremated. Some even have their remains made into diamonds. But now you can be useful in the afterlife and have your ashes turned into 240 pencils! We’re just wondering what the eraser will be made of?!?

It’s Better than the Slap Chop

blenderEver wondered if your blender could handle, oh we don’t know, a pair of skis? Well, wonder no longer! It’s not just the Ginsu knife that can make its way through anything. If you are a blending fool, you need to check out the Blendtec! Ipods, golf balls, the bailout plan, hell, even German dictionaries got put through the mill!!!!