Are you f***ing serious???

The Original Charlie’s Angels Necklace

Charlies Angels NecklaceFinally the ultimate tribute to Charlie and his angels immortalized in jewelry. Oh, did you think we were referring to the Aaron Spelling series and their Angel Beads. Sorry, Charlie. No, we are talking about the original Charlie’s Angels: Charles Manson and his brood of women. And now you can show off your freakish side with this original Charlie’s Angels necklace of your very own. After all, Christmas is only five months away.


Baby’s First Jeffrey Dahmer Playset

jeffrey dahmer dollSure there is astronaut Barbie and corporate whore Barbie but now twisted little toddlers have a new doll to play with. Say hi to the Jeffrey Dahmer doll that comes complete with dismembered victims, toothpicks and a hazardous waste disposal tin.

Remember Trees Talk Too?

Geraldine and Ricky Trees Talk TooRemember all of those great musical duos of yesteryear that transcended not only the radio but our TV sets too. You know like Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie or Gerladine and Ricky. What you don’t remember Geraldine and Ricky? Well, then get yourself over to their site and have a listen to that golden oldie Trees Talk Too featuring such hits as The Liquor Store and Reading the Bible.

So that’s how it works

furbyRemember that overnight sensation from Christmas 1998 called The Furby. It was touted to be the first robot for kids and its makers claimed it could learn to speak not only Furbish but English too. Well, if you thought they were just possessed by little elves or were miniature Terminator wannabes, we found the answer. So, check out the Furby Autopsy for what really lies beneath all that fur.

The 60’s have a lot to answer for!
May 25, 2009, 13:25
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wacky wiggleOh the 60’s, a time of sex, drugs and the wacky wiggle!!!! A tribute to some of the weirder toys that helped shape the young minds of the people who now rule the world. No wonder, we’re so f***ed these days. Is it just us or doesn’t the Wacky Wiggle look a lot like an enema?!?!?

*Thanks John for the link!