Are you f***ing serious???

Could this be the demise of TMZ and Perez Hilton?

paparazziSome smarty pants over at NYU has gone and developed a purse that will deflect the paparazzi’s camera flashes thus rendering those devilishly hysterical crotch shots from ever making tabloid headlines again. What a freaking party pooper, don’t you think? We bet Lindsay Lohan will be the first in line to buy one of these anti-flash purses.


Ugly People are People Too

Beer-Ugly-PeopleSick of only seeing the beautiful on the web. Well wait no longer, go over and have a gander at These people definitely give meaning to having a face only mother could love. Still some of them are a vast improvement from those Most Perfect Men we featured awhile back.

Sexy People Unite!

sexy peopleWe’re sure that at least their mothers think they’re sexy. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So you get our freak on and head over to the home of all whom are sexy! Definitely safe for work apart from possibly spitting your coffee on your monitor.

Beware, Parents!

pinocchioParents, take heed,  we have finally found someone who will call you out on all of those ludicrous outfits and situations that you place your unsuspecting babies in. Check out Your Baby is an Asshole. Seriously, these pictures will result in thousands of dollars worth of much needed and warranted therapy!

Girls Eating Sandwiches-philia
June 8, 2009, 14:47
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bltsandwichWe know that there are fetishes for everything. Eyeball licking – check! Being dressed as a baby complete with diaper and playpen – check! But who knew that there was a calling for pictures of girls eating sandwiches? We’re thinking we will be noshing in private from now on.

Here are some for the family album
May 24, 2009, 21:32
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walrusWe’re all guilty of having them but most of us are fortunate enough not to have them published on the internet for the whole world to see and laugh their arses off at. Yup, we’re talking about awkward family photos and you might suspect some wonderful person out there has compiled them into one easy to use website for our entertainment pleasure. There are mullets gone wrong, whole clans wearing matching sweaters or just bad placement of body parts, this site has it all.

Bipolar Stores – Are they open or closed?

closed signIf there is one thing we can’t tolerate is incompetency so that is why we are happy to plug Clearly Closed and their mission to show inept shop owners who can’t take two seconds to flip over the open sign. And people wonder why the economy is all screwed up.