Are you f***ing serious???

Toasting the Toaster

jesus on toastWho doesn’t love toast? Well, apparently this guy has a bit of a fixation on the original wonder bread. Welcome to the Cyber Toaster Museum that also has its own Foundation complete with toast related sportswear. Who knew that the preservation of toast really required charitable donations? And in case you want to know how to make your own Jesus toast, here’s a guy who has made a pretty decent tutorial.


Bad Candy?!? Does it really exist?

barf-candyWilly Wonka must be turning in his grave! Who in their right mind comes up with something called Fizzy Milk and thinks anyone would really be excited about that kind of concoction! We wonder how those candied crickets would taste after a good dunking in some blue fizzy milk. So here is the definitive guide to what sweet delicacies you should avoid at all costs or perhaps, you could give some to those bratty kids down the block next Halloween. After all, revenge can be sweet!

Girls Eating Sandwiches-philia
June 8, 2009, 14:47
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bltsandwichWe know that there are fetishes for everything. Eyeball licking – check! Being dressed as a baby complete with diaper and playpen – check! But who knew that there was a calling for pictures of girls eating sandwiches? We’re thinking we will be noshing in private from now on.

World’s Most Perfect Men Found!

CanManYes, single ladies, you read that right! No more sifting through the fugly on Match or EHarmony. We have found the two most perfect men in the world. Meet Rock Star and Super Star. Yes, those are their real names who also happen to be brothers who were born Kris and Marc Kancler. Good thing the Nelson twins rode off into obscurity.

Hospital Food From Around the Globe
June 1, 2009, 06:51
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Ringo_starr_says_he_loves_hospital_food_Ever wondered what patients get in hospitals in France? Or how about Germany where apparently the War is still going on judging by the pics. Well, gets your eyes over here to the all new international tribute page to Hospital Food. We’re hoping no one gets sick just looking at some of this muck but if you do, our votes for to stay at are Greece and Michigan.

On a Highway to Hell
May 29, 2009, 09:48
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satanLooking for a warm place to spend your summer this year? Fear not, weary traveller. We’ve got you covered with Entrances to Hell. We are assuming entry is free with the exception of possibly your soul.

The Museum of Unnecessary Punctuation

50446 mini jazzy punctuationIs there such a thing as too much or unnecessary use of punctuation??? We’re partial to the lower class multiple exclamation mark as well as beingĀ  guilty of excessive use of colons too!!! In the long run, is anyone really getting hurt???