Are you f***ing serious???

Get Your Cadaver Bags Here

Only CraigsList could stun us with this one. Because the tragedy in Haiti isn’t enough, some wanker is trying to profitĀ  from it by selling 2,000 body bags. We especially love how they suggest you could use these as sleeping bags. Yeah, a sleep you never wake up from.


Breast Implants for your Tattoo

silicone3It’s tacky enough that many people don bodacious pinups on their biceps but now you can add some real cleavage to your mermaid trollop. Check out this guy who gave his outlaw bimbo tattoo some silicone breast implants. We bet his mom is ever so pleased about this.

Gives New Meaning to a Shit Present

enema jewelryLooking for the perfect present for your proctologist? Want to proudly display that you are a qualified colonic therapist? Then head on over here to pickup for yourself or a loved oneĀ  an enema bag trinket in your choice of sterling silver, bronze or copper because nothing says loving like a miniature metal enema kit complete with a bronzed booty.

Air Sex – not just the mile high club any more

air sexThe makers of Rock Band will be spinning their wheels to get out a version of the latest version of air guitar so it can hit the shelves by Christmas. We don’t think we want to play this new game with mom and dad. Welcome to the crazy world of the Air Sex Championships!

Neck Braces a Go-Go
June 14, 2009, 17:46
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neck braceHave a penchant for a guy or a girl who can’t move their neck? Does the sight of foam and metal turn you on? Then, get your bad self over to the Neck Brace Appreciation Klub for all things neck and brace related. There really is a fetish for everything, isn’t there?

A View into the Afterlife

iphone coffinAre you worried that your loved ones will forget what you look like once you die? Well, See Me Rot has taken care of that for you with a live coffin cam. Where do we sign up?

That’s not just a pencil, that’s grandpa!

pencilSome people get buried. Some get cremated. Some even have their remains made into diamonds. But now you can be useful in the afterlife and have your ashes turned into 240 pencils! We’re just wondering what the eraser will be made of?!?