Are you f***ing serious???

How to Get the Junk in Your Trunk

big booty 2If you are desperately seeking a bigger booty like J Lo or Kim Kardashian or just want to help maintain that junk in your trunk and you have already tried the Wiccan Big Booty Spell with little to no results, never fear, just order yourself up The Big Booty in a Bottle on Ebay. How this works we have no idea so please consult a doctor before trying or better yet a psychiatrist.


Wiccans Channel J Lo

big bootyWe like big butts and we cannot lie! Ever wanted a plumper rear end? Want to look like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian without any of the working out? Well, for just under $30, you, too, can have a witch cast a spell so you can have a whole lot of hoochie junk in the trunk.

Give a Dog a Home
June 1, 2009, 17:13
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dogWho doesn’t love a puppy? Sure, the owners aren’t painting the best picture of him with adjectives like “ugly.” But who can resist the bargain, after all he is marked down from $75 to just only $18.75! These really must be desperate times!!

Need an idea? Buy one from this guy
May 24, 2009, 20:17
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idea guyThis credit crunch thing is starting to breed a whole new breed of people looking to make a quick buck. Sure, all of the usual scammers and spammers are busy at work but now screenwriters are plying their ideas on Ebay. Yes, you read that right. No longer will they have to take the time to write a blockbuster or tearjerker. Nowadays, a mere idea is all you can get out of these dejected WGA members. This guy, like many aspiring Hollywood types, can’t face rejection with his own work so instead, you can buy one of his presumed brilliant ideas, write your own screenplay, submit it and get kicked to the curb all on your own for the low, low price of $1000.