Are you f***ing serious???

Bad Candy?!? Does it really exist?

barf-candyWilly Wonka must be turning in his grave! Who in their right mind comes up with something called Fizzy Milk and thinks anyone would really be excited about that kind of concoction! We wonder how those candied crickets would taste after a good dunking in some blue fizzy milk. So here is the definitive guide to what sweet delicacies you should avoid at all costs or perhaps, you could give some to those bratty kids down the block next Halloween. After all, revenge can be sweet!


Smells Like Teen Burger? Burger King’s new Flame Cologne

FlameWe guess their marketing department wanted to see how literal they could take the expression, “Good enough to eat.” Now, your boytoy, husband or son can smell like a Whopper too! We would love to hear if you have had an olf

Hospital Food From Around the Globe
June 1, 2009, 06:51
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Ringo_starr_says_he_loves_hospital_food_Ever wondered what patients get in hospitals in France? Or how about Germany where apparently the War is still going on judging by the pics. Well, gets your eyes over here to the all new international tribute page to Hospital Food. We’re hoping no one gets sick just looking at some of this muck but if you do, our votes for to stay at are Greece and Michigan.

Excuse me waiter, is that a worm in my gravy?
May 21, 2009, 13:32
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mopani wormAlways looking for new recipes to try out on unsuspecting friends? Why not try out a protein enriched gravy for your Sunday roast? Nothing says homecooking like Mopani Worms in Tomato Onion Gravy with a side of cornmeal porridge. And in case your local grocery store is all out of Mopani worms, here’s your one stop shop for them.

MMM Candied Crickets
May 21, 2009, 02:42
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cricketsYummy, yummy we’ve got love in our tummies!!! Who doesn’t crave a hearty dollop of cheese dip with candied crickets on a Ritz cracker=?

Cupcakes gone bad
May 19, 2009, 23:29
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honey baked ham cupcakes 7There are only a few type of people who would even dream up such extreme food blasphemy such as the honey baked ham cupcake: pregnant women, stoners and perhaps faminine victims. We don’t even think we want to imagine what this might taste like.  It’s just so very, very wrong!!