Are you f***ing serious???

How to Get the Junk in Your Trunk

big booty 2If you are desperately seeking a bigger booty like J Lo or Kim Kardashian or just want to help maintain that junk in your trunk and you have already tried the Wiccan Big Booty Spell with little to no results, never fear, just order yourself up The Big Booty in a Bottle on Ebay. How this works we have no idea so please consult a doctor before trying or better yet a psychiatrist.


Neck Braces a Go-Go
June 14, 2009, 17:46
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neck braceHave a penchant for a guy or a girl who can’t move their neck? Does the sight of foam and metal turn you on? Then, get your bad self over to the Neck Brace Appreciation Klub for all things neck and brace related. There really is a fetish for everything, isn’t there?

Eyebrow Extensions!!!!

eyebrowsDid you suffer a slight tweazing accident when manscaping your unibrow? Sick of drawing in arched lines over your eyes every morning with a giant crayon? Looking to channel your inner Brooke Shields? Well, we found a few solutions for you. One of the latest crazes to come out of Hollywood is the do it yourself eyebrow extension kit that comes with 3 different shades of brows and over 6,000 lashes to attach to your face. If you want a more permanent eyebrow enhancement, then check out the eyebrow transplant.

Hospital Food From Around the Globe
June 1, 2009, 06:51
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Ringo_starr_says_he_loves_hospital_food_Ever wondered what patients get in hospitals in France? Or how about Germany where apparently the War is still going on judging by the pics. Well, gets your eyes over here to the all new international tribute page to Hospital Food. We’re hoping no one gets sick just looking at some of this muck but if you do, our votes for to stay at are Greece and Michigan.