Are you f***ing serious???

White People are Wacky

white people cant danceWe all know that the majority of white people can’t dance to save their lives apart from the Madonnas and Justin Timberlakes of the world. But what other weird idiosyncrasies do Caucasians have that others don’t. Wonder no more because, of course, someone has spent a good amount of time on compiling all the stupidity an entire race can come up with.


Who wants to be pub quiz champ?

Pub_Quiz_LogoWell, you might develop a severe case of carpal tunnel but you will also be crowned Pub Quiz Champion thanks to this site, that offers a plethora of useless of information. Who knew that squirrels didn’t take up residence in Nantucket until 1989? You never know where that little tidbit might come in handy.

So that’s how it works

furbyRemember that overnight sensation from Christmas 1998 called The Furby. It was touted to be the first robot for kids and its makers claimed it could learn to speak not only Furbish but English too. Well, if you thought they were just possessed by little elves or were miniature Terminator wannabes, we found the answer. So, check out the Furby Autopsy for what really lies beneath all that fur.

When Nerds Get Bored

microwave_egg1_webIf you are one of the nerds over at Kraft Foods, we are actually a bit envious that you actually get paid to stick nonsensical items into a microwave and sit around with your bespectacled and zit laden friends to watch and laugh at the results. These guys even installed a camera inside the microwave to make sure they got in on all the hot action as well as providing soundtracks. So that’s what MIT and Harvard teach you guys. The scary part is that we found ourselves mesmerized by the melting gummy worms.

The Top 12 Reasons Why Superman is 30-Something Virgin

superman virginAfter reading the article, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex, we can understand why we won’t be seeing Superman or Clark Kent on any time soon. Talk about a guy who comes with all sorts of baggage!

Can you hear a phone ring in the desert?
May 22, 2009, 06:23
Filed under: Mystery Solved, Travel

mojave desert phone boothIs it a leftover prop from a David Lynch film? Did ET’s friends drop it off so he could call home? Well, find out all the answers to why, exactly, there is a pay phone smack dab in the middle of Mojave Desert.