Are you f***ing serious???

Crop Circle Cereal Anyone?

crop circle cerealIt was bound to happen eventually. Why not attempt to capitalize on those pesky crop circles that are thought to be aliens hot-rodding the earth in their UFOs. You can’t blame these guys for trying to make a business plan that revolves around Crop Circle Cereal. Think about it, it’s kind of environmentally friendly since they have figured out a way to reuse those ET-kissed crops that are ruined. What next alien probe PEZ dispensers?


A View into the Afterlife

iphone coffinAre you worried that your loved ones will forget what you look like once you die? Well, See Me Rot has taken care of that for you with a live coffin cam. Where do we sign up?

Our Two Cents Worth

penny towerYet another scientific type with far too much time and cents on their hands. Who knew the useless one cent piece could be stacked in so many different ways?  You know you are going to try some of these.

Need an extra hand

extra armWe’re sure that almost everyone has wished that they had an extra hand or two at times but this guy took that idea to a whole new extreme. This is what happens when twins who have tried every body modification imaginable, have too much time on their hands (pun very intended)

Twinkies: Not just a sweet treat

twinkie_wht_il_179_1We all know that cockroaches will outlast us all and that more than likely they will be eating the only food that never dies, the immortal Twinkie as they plot to take over the universe. Well, in the meantime, scientists at Rice University with a little too much time on their hands have come up with the TWINKIES Project, a place to put that sweet succulent cake to the ultimate battery of scientific experiments.

Homemade Fireworks
May 21, 2009, 06:33
Filed under: Food, Science Experiments, Way Too Much Time On Your Hands

fireworks1Wondering what to do this 4th of July? Are fireworks illegal in your neighborhood? Well, what are you waiting for. With a few grapes and a microwave, you, too, can have a firework show in the safety of your kitchen.